42hp (31kw) From: £6,549+VAT

49hp (36.4kw) From: £6,769+VAT

(2015 Prices and may be subject to change at a later date)

Below is the brochure for the entire Kohler KDI range. Pages 12, 13 & 15 cover the new engines from Mermaid Marine. (KDI 1903M & KDI 2504M)

KOHLER KDI Mermaid Marine Leaflet A4 2pp.pdf KOHLER KDI Mermaid Marine Leaflet A4 2pp.pdf
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The introduction of the new Mermaid Kohler KDI diesel engines is a landmark moment in the small marine diesel industry. These engines are everything that customers tell us they want.  The KDI range from Kohler is an award wining range of both common rail and conventional mechanical injection diesel engines designed with the rigours of commercial industry in mind. Mermaid Marine has taken two of the traditional mechanical injection models as a base to build what have become phenomenal small marine diesel engines. Available in either a three cylinder 42hp (31kw) or a four cylinder 49hp (36.4kw) configuration. They are light weight at only 210kg for the thee cylinder KDI 1903M unit and 244kg for the four cylinder KDI 2504M. They are fuel efficient and meet strict emissions criteria but they do so without requiring diesel particulate filters. They are strong, built with cast iron crankcase, block and cylinder heads which will give years of reliable service at sea. They use mechanical fuel injection systems so you will never have to worry about complicated electronics and computers failing. The camshaft and injection pump are driven by a gear train not belts or chains which can snap or require awkward adjustments at regular intervals. As a mark of the regard in which the KDI range of engines are being held in the engine world, they are now being fitted as standard in many of JCB's small plant machinery where they will be expected to put up with harshest conditions.  Mermaid has also taken its time in the marinisation of these engines with stringent testing at each stage including hundreds of hours spent on test beds so you can be sure that these engines meet the highest standards in the marine industry. The Mermaid Kohler KDI engine can be ordered with a PRM  gearbox and has an option list including a 100Nm PTO and up to an 80A Alternator. All in all you can be sure that if you choose one of the new Kohler KDI marine engines from Mermaid Marine that you will enjoy many years of simple, reliable performance which will give you peace of mind whilst your out as sea and help reduce costs on your business or leisure activities. Do not hesitate to contact CRYCO ltd to find out more about the Mermaid Kohler KDI range.